The Innovative Flair Arab Inventors Bring to America
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Amine Moulay Ramdane
2020-10-17 15:14:26 UTC

Read also the following article about arabs:

In fact, the U.S. is the main home for Arab inventors globally, distantly followed by France (513 patent applications), Canada (361), Germany (342), Saudi Arabia (307), Japan (279) and the United Kingdom (273)

The Innovative Flair Arab Inventors Bring to America

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And read my following previous thoughts about arabs:

About arabs from the Middle East..

I have just read the following Russian Jew who just written the following in rec.arts.poems newsgroup:


So notice that he just written the following about guys from the Middle East in America:

"Nothing is owed to guys from Middle East who come to America and teach men in disadvantaged communities to be bastards; but much is in fact owed to people who bring into America valuable things from abroad. Americans eat at Chinese restaurants, drive Japanese cars, employ Hindu programmers, view movies made by Jews, follow sports played by black people. All of these people contribute much more to America than they would have if they had simply assimilated."

So he means by guys from Middle East the arabs from Middle East,
but i don't agree with the above because read my following writing about the arabs from the Middle East, and notice that in my below writing
that Arab Americans(most of them from the Middle East) are better educated than most in U.S, and Arab Inventors Make the U.S. More Innovative:

More political philosophy about how do look like "white" arabs like me ?

As you have noticed i am a white arab and i am a gentleman type of person, and to know further about white arabs, here is a beautiful song of white arabs, and look carefully in the following video at those white arabs to know more how look like white arabs:

Read more my following thoughts about arabs:

The average smartness of arabs is on the rise..

I am a white arab and i think i am smart since i have invented many scalable algorithms, and you have to read the following so that
to understand that the average smartness of arabs is on the rise, read the following to notice it:

Why IQs Rise When Nations Experience Rapid Economic Development

The latest data support these observations by showing that IQs have been rising steadily in countries experiencing the most rapid economic development during the past few decades. As a measure of the interaction between intelligence and modern cognitive stimuli that strengthen capacities for rational classification, quantitative reasoning, etc., a population’s average IQ is therefore an indicator of economic modernization and development, not their cause.

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And read the following about arabs:

Arab Americans better educated than most in U.S

Read more here to notice it:


And read why are Arab American Students Among the Highest GPA Achievers?

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More about arabs..

Look at the following video:

Prophet Muhammad was white (Sahih Muslim)

And look at the following video:

Why Many Arab Americans Check 'White' On The US Census

More about arabs and arab inventors and arab thinkers..

I am a white arab from Morocco living in Canada since year 1989,
and i am also an inventor of many scalable algorithms...

I am a white arab, and the name "Moulay" in my family name means that i am genetically and culturally descendent of arabs descendent of prophet Mohamed, and i am genetically a descendent of prophet Mohamed, the "Moulay" in my family name means mawlay in arabic and it means
Monsignor, i am called Monsignor because i am white arab genetically and culturally descendent of prophet Mohamed, read about Monsignor here:


I am a "white" arab, and as a proof look at this song and
how the arab singers from Saudia Arabia in this video are "whites", i am
also a white arab that looks like them and i am a gentleman that is more civilized, so look at this song in this video:

And about Influence of Arabic and Islamic Philosophy on the Latin West,
read the following:


And look at this video at how Mesopotamians that were racially arabs were so advanced:

Ancient Mesopotamia Inventions and Technology

And i think arabs are smart people, Babylonians of Irak were racially arabs, read about them here:

3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet rewrites the history of maths - and shows the Greeks did not develop trigonometry

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Also read the following about Arabs:

Research: Arab Inventors Make the U.S. More Innovative

It turns out that the U.S. is a major home for Arab inventors. In the five-year period from 2009 to 2013, there were 8,786 U.S. patent applications in our data set that had at least one Arab inventor. Of the total U.S. patent applications, 3.4% had at least one Arab inventor, despite the fact that Arab inventors represent only 0.3% of the total population.

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Even Steve Jobs the founder of Apple had an arab Syrian immigrant father called Abdul Fattah Jandal.

Read more here about it:


About USA and the brain's power..

I have just looked at the following video, look at it carefully:

India Is Becoming Its Own Silicon Valley

Look in the above video at how the smartest people of high-tech
in India are talking about USA, since they are saying that they
don't want to come to USA because of Donald Trump(and this is
related to my writing below), and i think what they are saying is that Donald Trump and his followers are racism towards other groups that are not of there white European group, so i think USA has made a big mistake by electing Donald Trump, and i think that Germany and other European
countries have not to make the same mistake as USA, because read my
my following writing to understand why:

More political philosophy about immigration..

I am a white arab, and i think i am smart, since i am an inventor
of many scalable algorithms and there implementations, and today
i will speak about an important subject that is immigration..

Let's look for example at USA, so read the following from Jonathan Wai that is a Ph.D., it says:

"Heiner Rindermann and James Thompson uncovered that the “smart fraction” of a country is quite influential in impacting the performance of that country, for example, its GDP."

And it also says the following:

"“According to recent population estimates, there are about eight Chinese and Indians for every American in the top 1 percent in brains.” But consider that the U.S. benefits from the smart fractions of every other country in the world because it continues to serve as a magnet for brainpower, something that is not even factored into these rankings.

What these rankings clearly show is America is likely still in the lead in terms of brainpower. And this is despite the fact federal funding for educating our smart fraction is currently zero. Everyone seems worried Americans are falling behind, but this is because everyone is focusing on average and below average people. Maybe it’s time we started taking a closer look at the smartest people of our own country."

Read more here:


So as you are noticing it's immigrants(and there are about eight Chinese and Indians for every American in the top 1 percent in brains) that are making USA a rich country.

And read also the following to understand more:

Why Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Work Without Immigrants

There are many theories for why immigrants find so much success in tech. Many American-born tech workers point out that there is no shortage of American-born employees to fill the roles at many tech companies. Researchers have found that more than enough students graduate from American colleges to fill available tech jobs. Critics of the industry’s friendliness toward immigrants say it comes down to money — that technology companies take advantage of visa programs, like the H-1B system, to get foreign workers at lower prices than they would pay American-born ones.

But if that criticism rings true in some parts of the tech industry, it misses the picture among Silicon Valley’s top companies. One common misperception of Silicon Valley is that it operates like a factory; in that view, tech companies can hire just about anyone from anywhere in the world to fill a particular role.

But today’s most ambitious tech companies are not like factories. They’re more like athletic teams. They’re looking for the LeBrons and Bradys — the best people in the world to come up with some brand-new, never-before-seen widget, to completely reimagine what widgets should do in the first place.

“It’s not about adding tens or hundreds of thousands of people into manufacturing plants,” said Aaron Levie, the co-founder and chief executive of the cloud-storage company Box. “It’s about the couple ideas that are going to be invented that are going to change everything.”

Why do tech honchos believe that immigrants are better at coming up with those inventions? It’s partly a numbers thing. As the tech venture capitalist Paul Graham has pointed out, the United States has only 5 percent of the world’s population; it stands to reason that most of the world’s best new ideas will be thought up by people who weren’t born here.

If you look at some of the most consequential ideas in tech, you find an unusual number that were developed by immigrants. For instance, Google’s entire advertising business — that is, the basis for the vast majority of its revenues and profits, the engine that allows it to hire thousands of people in the United States — was created by three immigrants: Salar Kamangar and Omid Kordestani, who came to the United States from Iran, and Eric Veach, from Canada.

But it’s not just a numbers thing. Another reason immigrants do so well in tech is that people from outside bring new perspectives that lead to new ideas.

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