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2017-02-02 18:48:49 UTC
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I have come to an interesting subject about gays/homosexuals..

Since i am a white arab, and i am straight and of a wise type of person,
I think that we must use logic and measure to perceive
correctly gays and homosexuals, and this is called wisdom..

Like in science of logic..

Why gays call themselves gays ?

Because gays want to be happy or more happy..

The gays intention is well understood by a wise person like me, but
gays have to be careful to not hurt responsability by too much
loving to be happier..

Now gays are hot like blacks, and they want to do more sex because
they want to be happy or more happy, this is why they call themselves
gays, and they are none violent..

Now the intention of gays that is happiness or more happiness is well
understood by philosophy, because the goal of philosophy is happiness,
so philosophy does not want to hurt gays, thus science don't want to
hurt gays, so then i don't want to hurt gays..

And here is what i have said about the essence of happiness..

We have first to define the essence, so:

The essence of something is the qualities that serve to characterize or
identify something.

Now one of the qualities that serves to characterize happiness, is
strongness, because happiness is not constrained by what's bad and evil,
so if it is not constrained so it's like being strong, so
happiness is in its essence strong, so when you have a character
that is more happier , it means that your character is touched less by
the harm of what's bad and what's evil. So a character that
is emotionally unstable, is weak, because of the weakness that
it complains and moans more than that who has a character that is more
happy and that complains less and moans less because of the essence
of happiness that is also strong in this regard.

And have said also about happiness:

The essence of pure morality..

The noumenal world of pure morality is a consequence of the essence of
beauty and purity and happiness, this essence of beauty and purity and
happiness causes the essence of respect that is like the essence of law
that compensate by beautifulness for the awfulness of this world, so
pure morality is the light and it attracts us and it guides us also
because the goal of pure morality is the goal of philosophy and this
goal is happiness, but pure morality has attained its goal that is
happiness because of the essence of philosophy, because pure morality is
happiness, so we must respect it and fight for it with wisdom, you have
to have done philosophy like me to understand it correctly.

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.
2017-02-02 18:51:44 UTC
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